Andaman and Nicobar Islands,  Places To Visit and Short Distance Stay

Beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Strolling through the bright colourful beaches around, being one with nature brings utmost peace, happiness and harmony to our lifestyle. There is no better place than Andaman and Nicobar Islands if you consider staying there in proximity to the nature to enjoy what life in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has to offer. We will explore this Island briefly and look through the Hotel & Resort Stays that provides us the ambience to be close to the nature.

1. Ross Island:

“Ross Island” was named after the British Marine Surveyor, Daniel Ross who came into this Island to be used as the headquarters of the Indian Penal Settlement. Then it was renamed as “Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose Island”. It was land of abundance once upon a time and was called the “Paris of the East” with good amenities from bazaar, bakeries, church, tennis court, ballrooms and printing press but were later abandoned after the earthquake in 1941. Japanese forces had invaded this Island during World War II.

Nearby Stay to look for in the Ross Island:

1.1. Sea Shell Coral Cove – 4 Star: Takes 3.8 min to reach and is of 6.2 Km from the Ross Island

1.2. Summer Sand Beach Resort – 5 Star: Takes 31 min to reach and is of 49.9 km from the Ross Island


2. Kalapathar Beach:

Long stretch of white silky sands with big black rocks makes a contrasting feature of this Kalapathar Beach. In Hindi language, “Kala” means “Black” and “Pathar” means “Rock”. It has derived its name by these Black rocks and black road that runs parallel to the seashore. This is one of the popular beaches in the Havelock Island. Green dense forest surround the beaches from all sides. It is comparatively silent and is less crowded. The serene atmosphere in the Turquoise water, the lovely forest around and being close to all the bounties of nature keeps you mesmerizing and forget all the worries of the crowded life.

Nearby Stay to look for in Kalapathar Beach:

2.1. Silver Sand Beach Resort – 4 Star: Takes 6 min walk to reach

2.2. Symphony Palms Beach Resort – 4 Star: Takes 3.3 min walk to reach

3. Radhanagar Beach:

It is located in the Swaraj Deep Island, also called Havelock Island in the South Andaman District. Pristine White sand and crystal clear waters attract the tourist to this beach. The beach is 2.2 km from Elephant Beach. You could easily reach here by walking roadside or taking a cab from the “Elephant Beach Trek Point”.

Nearby Stay to look for in the Radhanagar Beach:

3.1. Silver Sand Beach Resort – 4 Star: Takes 7.2 min to reach and is of 11.6 Km from the Radhanagar Beach

Refer above in Kalapathar Beach Nearby Stay to book your stay in Silver Sand Beach Resort.

3.2. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa – 5 Star: Takes 1 min walk to reach

3.3. De-Foret – 4 Star: Takes 30 min walk to reach

3.4. Munjoh Ocean Resort: Takes 11.4 min and is of 18.4 km from the Radhanagar Beach

4. Elephant Beach:

In ancient times, Elephants were used to bring people to the beach due to the lack of transport facilities here. That is why, it has got the name, “Elephant Beach”. This place has rich and colourful Coral reef. It is the exclusive destination to have a memorable time.

Nearby Stay to look for in Elephant Beach:

4.1. Silver Sand Beach Resort – 4 Star: Takes 5.7 min and is of 9.1 km from the Elephant Beach

Refer above in Kalapathar Beach Nearby Stay to book your stay in Silver Sand Beach Resort.

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