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Promising City of Gaborone and its nearby stay

Gaborone is the commercial and tourist place in Botswana. It is the capital city of Botswana and it promises many cultural, commercial, sports, political activity in its core to attract many visitors to its place.

Gaborone is situated near the confluence of Notwane River and Segoditshane River which comes between Kgala Hill and Oodi Hill. Gaborone is the economic capital as well as the Government Capital. Numerous companies are headquartered here and it has Botswana Stock Exchange as its commercial establishment.

Along with its promising commercial establishment, it also serves as the entertainment hub and is the secure place for the unique and different species of flora and fauna in its abundant forest reserve.

Let us explore this promising Capital city of Botswana and its nearby stay made for your convenience while you visit this place.

1. Botswana National Museum:

This museum was established in 1967 via an Act of Parliament and was open to the public from 1968. It features National Art Gallery, Octogon Gallery and the National Botanical Garden. It celebrates the work of the local artists. Tradilo, the country’s first heritage site is preserved here and is the caretaker of Tsholofelo Park, the burial place of the “negro of Banyoles”.

Nearby Stay to the National Museum

A) Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino: 19 min walk

B) The Studio Guest House – 5.2 min/8.3 km

C) Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center – 5.8 m/9.3 km

2. Botswana National Stadium:

This is a multipurpose Stadium in Gaborone. Mostly it is used for Football matches and it can hold up to 25,000 people.

The Stadium hosts other events like Botswana Police Service Day, Botswana Defense Force Day, Botswana Independence Celebrations. Also music festivals, church services are held here.

Nearby Stay to the Botswana National Stadium:

A) Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino – 19 min walk

B) The Studio Guest House – 5.9 min/9.5 km

C) Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center – 6.5 min/10.4 km


3. University of Botswana:

The University of Botswana, known as UB, is the first institution of higher education established in 1982 at Botswana. University has 3 campuses being in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun. Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, The Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital are the six faculties of this University.

Nearby Stay to the University of Botswana

A) Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino – 13 min walk

B) The Studio Guest House – 6 min/9.7 km

4. Game City Mall:

It is a centrally located Shopping Mall being busiest and largest mall in Gaborone. The mall currently comprises of 5100 sqm with another two phases of approximately 8000 sqm to expand from their current structure to become the biggest possible.

This mall was operational since 2002. It is situated in the outskirts of Gaborone close to the Kgala Hill. You will find wide variety of specialty stores like fashion outlets, restaurants, coffee shops, anchor stores, cinema. It has abundant parking space which is free for customers that are being provided close to the shops. The grand events are hosted here which are open to public such as Christmas carols, Game City Half Marathon and many more.

Nearby Stay to the Game City Mall:

A) The Studio Guest House – 7.1 min/11.4 km

B) Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center – 4.1 min/6.6 km

5. ISKCON Gaborone:

This temple is intricately designed on over 17000 square feet land with wall, a Tulasi garden and a pagoda for chanting prayers. The temple is situated next to the city’s Central Business Development. ISKCON’s temple is about 6500 square foot with the three-storey painted in vibrant colours of saffron, salmon, pink and white. It is in a peaceful location ideal for temple ambience. The first floor is equipped with living quarters for priests, visiting devotees and it has a hall about 1300 square foot with Dining, Kitchen and Store room. The second floor is a temple room with grand golden idols of Sri Sri Krishna and Balarama. It has a hall at the other side for cultural programs with stage and changing rooms. The third floor has a hall and a roof terrace where one could chant prayers and do meditation in a serene environment.

Nearby Stay to ISKCON Gaborone:

A) The Studio Guest House – 4.4 min/7.1 km

B) Tlolto Hotel and Conference Center – 2.8 min/4.5 km

6. Gaborone Dam:

This dam is situated on the Notwane River operated by Water Utilities Corporation. It is located on the south of Gaborone along the Gaborone Lobatse road and provides water for Gaborone and Lobatse.

The northern end of this reservoir has an entertainment venue called Waterfront. Here there is a Yacht Club called Gaborone Yacht Club for you to enjoy the cruising on the northern side of the lake. The southern end of this reservoir consists of Kalahari Fishing Club and City Scrapes. City Scrapes has parks, playground and boating facilities. This place is ideal location for bird watchers, windsurfers and anglers. Though there is a huge water resource for a joyful play with water, no one is allowed to swim there as the water is habituated with crocodiles and parasite billhanzias.

Nearby Stay to Gaborone Dam:

A) Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center – 5.5 min/8.9 km

7. Gaborone Game Reserve:

Kalahari Conservation Society established this Gaborone Game Reserve in 1988. You could find various wildlife reserves here like wildebeest, elands, gemboks, kudus, ostriches, kingfishers, hornbills and warthog. Although the Reserve is 5 Sq km, the wildlife knowledge it provides is tremendous and vast.

Nearby Stay to Gaborone Game Reserve:

A) Orchid Luxury Boutique Guesthouse – 8.4 km

B) Capital Guest House – 5 min


A) Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino


B) The Studio Guest House


C) Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center



A) Orchid Luxury Boutique Guesthouse:


B) The Capital Guest House:


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