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Maun, a safe haven for endangered wildlife

Maun is situated in Northern Botswana on the Thamalakane river. In this place, Okavango Delta forms the vast inland for the wildlife habitat and is a safe haven for the endangered species. In this delta region, you could find the Safari Camps and Moremi Game Reserve for your adventurous wildlife exploration. The local art, place history and culture are exhibited in the Nhabe Museum which is in the town.

1. Okavango Delta:


This delta region is a vast favorable Ecosystem for varied life species. Okavango river flows into the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. The region is flat with a slight height variation of less than 2 meters across its area of dry land. This is comprised of many small islands out of which the larger island is situated at Chef’s Island being formed in tectonic fault line.

This wildlife haven is a World Heritage Site known to be the Sanctuary for some of the world’s endangered animals and birds.

Safari Camps:

You could visit the Safari Camps to observe the wildlife species close by and enjoy the fantastic tour of being with animals and birds that are rare to find. Africa’s premier camps are featured here like Mombo Camp, Duba Plains Camp, Vumbura Camp, Xigera Camp, Abu Camp, Sandibe Camp and many more.

Moremi Game Reserve:

Moremi Game Reserve ecosystem is richest in Africa with its effective protection of flora and fauna. It is a diverse game reserve where you could find the most endangered species of large mammals, white Rhinocerous, Black Rhinocerous, African Wilddog and Lion. Over 500 bird species are found here of which the slaty Egret and magnificent wattled Cranes are special among them. There are over 1000 species of plants of which mopane woodland and acacia forests form the main attraction of this Game Reserve.

Only 30% of this land is mainland, the rest being within the Okavango Delta. This reserve is named as “Moremi Game Reserve” after the Batwana tribe members chief, Chief Moremi III and his wife for their contribution in saving this wildlife from aggression by foreign invaders. The reserve is also titled as “Garden of Eden”, vowing to the beauty of the land surrounded by wonderful landscapes of Savannah, flood plains, lagoons and dense forests. The Okavango river distributes its source of water to this Game reserve and the Okavango Delta. Moremi Game Reserve protects and conserves the natural resources of the central and eastern areas of Okavango Delta.

2. Maun Wildlife Educational Park:

The Maun Wildlife Educational Park is made to create awareness about wildlife and the natural conservation of Flora and Fauna. You have the opportunity to view some of the splendid creatures of animals like Lechwe, wildebeest, Giraffe, Warthogs and other animals.

3. Nhabe Museum:

This Museum showcases the art, culture and history of the Okavango Delta and is managed by the board of trustees. This is the Ngamiland community-based museum situated at the North West of Botswana. The Historic building made to serve as a surveillance post by the British Military in 1949 to keep an eye upon the German presence in Namibia at those time now houses this Nhabe Museum.

The artistic Museum features the historical crafts, fine art, Bayel fishing net, photography, basket weaving, art and written poetry. There is a Gift Shop here where Guests have wide range of choices of gift items from art to the nursery plants.

The Bailey Arts Centre in this Museum encourages the artistry of local artist where it provides the opportunity to hold various exhibitions to exhibit and sell baskets, screen prints, paintings and poetry. There is an admission fee to enter this Museum.



1. Boteti Tented Safari Lodge:

In a National Park

Okavango Delta – 13 min/19.3 km


2. Cresta Maun:

Near Okavango Delta about 1 min walk

Maun Gardens – 4.3 min/6.9 km

Nhabe Museum – 4.8 min/7.7 km

Maun Wildlife Educational Park – 4.8 min/7.7 km



1. The Waterfront:

Nhabe Museum – 5.1 km


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