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Francistown, Botswana’s town of oldest goldmine & magnificent ruins

Francistown is situated in the North Eastern district of Botswana, also known as “Capital of the North”. The Africa’s first gold rush with old and abandoned mines could be found here. This city was founded in 1897 near the Monarch time.

1. Dombashaba ruins:

This is situated in Dombashaba hills. There is a belief that the ruins were the court and the residential place of the Chief of the district. The ruins were supposed to serve as the administration center in the old state of Zimbawe.

2. Tachila Nature Reserve:

Wide range of exotic birds are found in this nature reserve meant for the conservation of endangered species. Some of the animals that attracts the tourists are Mongoose, Leopard, Warthog and Hyena. Tachila Nature Reserve is a developing project spread over 8000 hectares of land. It is meant for the conservation of animals & birds and to preserve the historical heritage of Botswana.

3. Supa Ngwao Museum:

“Supa Ngwao” in Setswana means “to show culture”. This museum is thus named so and it is situated in Francistown city. It is the regional museum of Francistown and North East region of Botswana depicting the culture, history and ethnographic features of the Kalanga culture. It was opened in 1992 which was being housed in a 100 year old Government Camp.

4. Nyangabwe Hill:

This is the largest famous hill in Francistown and surrounding areas lying in the north western part of the city.

Nyangabwe Hill is known for its healing power and it is believed to be the home to ancestors. The hill was used by Bakalanga to ask their God Ngwale to bring rain to their land. It is also used for church services by different charities. Thus, it has the holy significance. Apart from this, it is used as a training area for soldiers and police.

You can have a panoramic view of the surrounding area of western side of Francistown from atop the hill where new Francistown Sports Complex, Francistown International Airport and area of Botswana Defence Force (BDF) camp are visible. The topmost view has the scenic beauty to capture the wholesome shots of Francistown from whichever direction you look. The Annual Nyangabwe Hill Cultural Festival are being held at the foot of this hill.

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