Brief information about Botswana


Botswana is almost triangular in shape and is landlocked country situated at the center of Southern Africa. It is surrounded by borders of South Africa to the south and east, Namibia to the west and Zimbabwe to the east.

The Kalahari desert covers the vast area of the Botswana touching nine African countries. Uncommonly compared to other deserts, this desert gets more rainfall each year.

Botswana is divided into 3 environmental regions:

  1. Hardveld region: Rocky hill ranges and shallow sand cover in Eastern Botswana
  2. Sandveld region: Covers the rest of the country having deep Kalahari sand coverings
  3. Ancient Lake beds: These lake beds are situated in northern Sandveld that is on the lowest part of Kalahari basin.


Botswana is the most sparsely populated country in the world with the population spanning slightly above 2.3 million people. The nation state of Tswana make up 79% of the population while 11.6% of population lives in the capital city of Gaborone.

Languages spoken:

The national language of Botswana is Tswana, also known as Setswana, Sechuana. The official language spoken here is English. Other languages include Khoe, San, Kalanga, Sekgalagadi, Herero, Mbukushu and Yei.


Productive cultivation is limited here since few lands are suitable for agriculture. They import their major foodstuffs from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Fishing and forestry production are limited to the extreme North region.

Food delicacies:

  1. Dikgobe: Traditional Botswana dish
  2. Mogadu
  3. Seswaa: National dish of Botswana
  4. Morogo
  5. Bogobe or Porridge
  6. Matemekwane
  7. Vetkoek: an unsweetened donut
  8. Phaphatha
  9. Marula: aromatic juicy fruit used in jams, sweets and alcoholic beverages
  10. Mopane worms: Multicolour caterpillar having high protein and fat
Food delicacies of Botswana

Their cuisine consists mainly of meat and maize. Botswana is the cattle country deriving its main source of income through beef production and export. So you could find the locally reared beef and also the Goat meat in their principal food cuisine.

Major tourist attractions:

  1. Okavango Delta
  2. Gabane: Known for pottery work and hiking
  3. Moremi Game Reserve
  4. Kasane: Situated between four corners of Africa where Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zamibia meet. Victoria falls in Zimbabwe and Botswana’s Chobe National Park is an amusing place to visit here. Huge Baobab tree, once used as a prison is the main attraction here. The Snake Park having 50 Snakes of different species is situated nearby.
  5. Gaborone
  6. Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  7. Maun
  8. Chobe National Park
  9. Francistown
  10. Tsodilo Hills: UNESCO World Heritage site having an amazing 4000 cave paintings over 200 locations
  11. Jwaneng: Richest Diamond mine in the world. Jwana Game Park is situated nearby.
  12. Gweta: Known for the mysterious Bullfrog species that hide themselves in the sand until it rains and emerge from there
  13. Makgadikgadi Pans National Park: Stretches from the Boteti river having a beautiful spot of animals that come from faraway in dry season to consume water
  14. Kang: Due to its proximity to the location between Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, it has become the prime hub for tourists to visit restaurants, guesthouses that are affordable and welcoming here.
  15. Savuti: Popular safari destination in the corner of Chobe National Park
Wild life Elephants

If you are an adventurer, explorer, nature lover and fondle animals, birds species a lot, Botswana is the ideal place for your memorable travel. Find the rare endangered species LIVE in the real view than on your books or paper by visiting these places.

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