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Zallaq – Home of ancient Arab tribes

Full of beaches with all the ancient artifacts makes the tour more enjoyable and informative. This wonderful attraction could be obtained in Zallaq located in the western coast of Bahrain. It denotes the cultural and historical significance about the settlement of ancient Arab tribes. It is known for its beautiful beaches, Zallaq beach and Algeria beach.

The tourist spot just does not end here. There are many mosques, temples, gardens and among them, are the famous sanctuary called the Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary. The magnificent architecture of the stone buildings, hotels and resorts made to have the peaceful and eye-catching view of Arabian Gulf and the West coast makes your stay sublime. The memories of the stay here does not brush away just by the sight because there are many shops selling best local products, varieties of authentic Arabian dishes in the restaurant and cafes that makes your memory more sharpened about your stay after your visit here.

The most visited places of Zallaq are

  1. Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve
  2. Al Juzair Public Beach
  3. Albasta Market
  4. The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

1. Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve:

This is the largest most popular nature reserve in Bahrain. It has huge number of wild animals, many types of desert plants, wide variety of bird species and you could find the endangered animals such as Arabian Leopard, Ostriches, Arabian Gazelle, Oryx, Zebra and others which are rare to find. Pretty views of water ponds everywhere, stone basins structured here and there with the towering palm trees makes your visit special here. Special bus tours are arranged for the convenience of the visitors to guide about the place and the animals.

2. Al Juzair Public Beach:

To relax after your tiresome adventure in the tour, this Al Juzair Public Beach, also known as Algeria’s Public Beach is most suitable. It has got soft and clean water to freshen up your mood in your tour time.

3. Albasta Market:

If you want to learn more about the Kingdom of Bahrain, don’t forget to visit the Albasta Market. This market is the favourite shopping destination in Zallaq that support small projects, innovators to market and showcase the local and heritage products related to Bahrain. It encourages the handcrafted goods pertaining to fashion, jewellery, antiques etc. You are entertained with many cultural and artistic shows dealing with stories of Bahrain history, folk arts and ancient profession here.

4. The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park:

This Water Park was awarded “Brand of the Year” for the year 2019-20 in the “Theme Park” category by the “The World Branding Forum” in London, UK. It is one of the largest Water Parks in Bahrain and the Middle East spanning about 77,000 sqm accommodating more than 5000 people all at once. Swimmers find the greatest entertainment here to utilize their skills on many different swimming pools of different depths and it contains more than 20 water games with huge slides such as missile slip rings and a pirate ship. The Water Park is made in the form of garden equipped with service facilities such as restaurants, shops, sun beads and umbrellas. It is place of amusement as well as entertainment with musical performances and festivals held here to entertain visitors.

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