Brief Information about Bahrain


The name “Bahrain” is derived from the Arabic term al-bahrayn, meaning “two seas”. Bahrain is an archipelago of Bahrain Island and some 30 smaller islands. About seven-eighth part is the Island of Bahrain out of its total land area surrounded by smaller islands. To the west across the Gulf of Bahrain lies Saudi Arabia and to the East lies the Qatar Peninsula. 15 miles long King Fahd Causeway links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.


People of Bahrain

Most inhabitants are native-born Bahrainis where nearly half of the population are Arabs. Among these people, some are Palestinians, Omanis or Saudis. Half of other population are foreign-born inhabitants mostly from Iran, India, Pakistan, Britain and United States.

Languages spoken:

Language spoken in Bahrain

The Arabic is the official language although English is widely used here. Persian is common spoken language in everyday communication. The spoken language among expatriates are Urdu, Hindi and Tagalog.


Agriculture contributes a marginal portion of gross national production but it meets local needs that includes vegetable and diary products. Tomatoes, dates, bananas, citrus fruits, mangoes, pomegranates and alfalfa form the main vegetation.

Food Delicacies:

Food of Bahrain
  1. Machboor : National dish of Bahrain
  2. Harees: Savory porridge made from wheat and meat (usually chicken or lamb)
  3. Halwa Bahraini
  4. Shawarma
  5. Biryani
  6. Sharbat Zarfan
  7. Aloo Basheer
  8. Ghoozi
  9. Samboosa
  10. Thareed
  11. Samak Safi
  12. Balaleet
  13. Kabab Bahraini
  14. Gahwa
  15. Ogaili
  16. Marconic Taybeen
  17. Baid Tamat
  18. Krobez Jobn
  19. Keema
  20. Luqaimat
  21. Emmawash
  22. Tikka
  23. Nashef
  24. Khanfaroosh

Bahrain is the prominent seaport and trading junction for many years together. So many people of different nations belonging to various communities have settled here. Hence much of the cuisine of Bahrain consists of mixture of Arabic, Persian, Indian, Balochi, African, Far East and European food by the influence of various communities living here. Arabic Coffee, qubwah is famous here as Bahraini’s national beverage.

Major tourist attractions:

Apart from the tourist places discussed before, there are still many tourist attractions worth visiting listed below

  1. Reef Island
  2. Al-Khamis Mosque
  3. Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort
  4. Marassi Beach
  5. Darrat Al Bahrain
  6. Bahrain Pearling Trail – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  7. Prince Khalifah Bin Salman Park
  8. Al Jazair Public Beach
  9. Karbabad Beach – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  10. Bahrain Bay Beach
  11. Malkiya Beach
  12. Dohat and Prak
  13. Andalus Garden
  14. Tasneem Zoo
  15. Funland Center – Bowling and Ice Skating
  16. King Faisal Corniche
  17. Dry Dock Beach
  18. Sitra Park
  19. Hawar Island
  20. A’ Ali Pottery District

The list might go on… as there are so many visiting places to see in Bahrain that could not be yet completed because of too many explorations, site seeing, amazing skyscrapers architectural art reflecting everywhere in Bahrain. It is worth seeing than mentioning here. Visit Bahrain to have your happy holidays.

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