A Note from the Author and Administrator

Roopashri, Author and Administrator

Hello everyone,

I had received a very good response from my esteemed visitors to my earlier Travel website “Shanthiraaga”. Since the title seems confusing and unknown globally apart from Indian visitors, I have renamed the same website with the modern look as “I stay in”, which is catchy and memorable to be familiar as being related to Hotel and Room Stay Booking Website.

This is not a sole Hotel & Resort Booking service but a Travel Website as well to give you the insight of the places to visit while you book your stay in our famous top hotels presented to you by our affiliated Top Hotel Booking Companies. Refreshment, opening yourself to new avenues and wonderful places are the key to the peace in the life’s journey. Life is short and simple. Let us enjoy it with full of happy, surprise, wonderful events and memories of visiting new places and meeting new people with different cultures, languages and customs. It is like reinventing life new and fresh from different side, apart from our routine life.

Get the full advantage of “I Stay in” online service for your peaceful comfortable stay.

Thanking you for supporting us now and I will look forward for your kind co-operation always.

Your’s sincerely,

Roopashri R
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